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"Innocence of Muslims"


I have not updated this website over the last 2+ years; too busy earning a living - never mind having the money, time or desire to make a hate film.

The first indication something was amiss was an email from a journalist enquiring if I was affiliated with the Duarte-based Media For Christ organization that produced 'Innocence of Muslims". According to the media the film was produced in the USA.

A steady stream of emails, and nasty comments, followed Shaun's email. What is sad is that the majority of folks who have sent me hate emails (I understand their anger and harbor no ill-will - to do so would destroy the very message of Christ) have taken the time to look up my email id, but not bothered to read this statement.

I am myself terribly saddened by the loss of lives, property and devastation.

How a bunch of cowards (all those responsible for this film) can believe they are better than anyone else beats me! What were the producers thinking??? I have a strong Muslim background, and with much reluctance I watched parts of the film. I winced through most of it!

The Bible, again and again, cautions its believers against taking a high moral ground.

Neither the Bible, nor Christ,  accords anyone the right to judge another thought, belief or religion.

I strongly denounce this terrible film. I have no association or affiliation, formally or informally with the Duarte-based Media For Christ. I hurt for the families of the Americans who lost their lives helping others in a strange and foreign land.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and can be contacted by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (I promise to answer every mail). Why am I sharing this information? Because I have nothing to hide.


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